We are committed to solving capacity issues for mobile networks and broadband issues where there is poor coverage. We are also committed to solving the problem of macro base station coverage holes, providing a complete solution for high-speed rail, train and bus stations.


We are committed to resolving differences between school education and practical application. Close to College "Communication Theory", "Mobile Communication Theory" and other designed courses, provide complete 4G laboratory building programs, deepen students' knowledge and understanding of communications, improve the competitiveness of student employment, and provide research environment to teachers to engage in scientific.


We are committed to providing Energy customers with an integrated, intelligent and efficient LTE solution for private networks. These solutions meet the needs of the electricity, petroleum, mine, security management and control, mobile patrol, intelligent scheduling, video surveillance, and emergency demand response team members.

Public Safety

We are committed to providing public safety customers with LTE based mobile communications systems, combined with command and visual dispatching, and improved emergency response speed. We also provide a cloud platform and means for intelligent data analysis to promote the best working efficiency of law enforcement personnel, while providing technical guarantees for maintaining a harmonious and safe society.

Broadcast & TV

We are committed to combining and integrating interactive mobile technologies, in a timely manner, while maintaining high-quality, utilizing high bandwidth, stability, and high security features of LTE wireless communication. These efforts then support the building of an innovative content production platform, with multiple communication media channels and enables innovative business models to the broadcast and TV industries, which in turn provides new revenue generating solutions to reach our always connected users.